I have degrees from both Indiana University (Theatre and Drama) and Parsons (Graphic Design). I feel that both areas of study have given me a well-rounded background in how to tell a story visually. Before going back to art school and then working in the art department of a publishing company, I worked in the corporate world. This has helped immensely in my understanding that while a cover must be artistically stimulating it also has a job to do - it must grab the consumer's attention! It needs to reach them on a level that makes them want to pick up the book and buy it. It is very important to use all means available to create the best cover possible for each book and I enjoy the dialog between myself and the publisher or author to make sure that happens. Before venturing out on my own as a freelance digital illustrator, art director and designer, I worked in New York City for St. Martin's Press where I did design and art direction on various mass market and hard cover books. I love, love, love to work on paranormal romances, historical romances, contemporary romances, mysteries and thrillers as well as women's fiction. All the artwork on this site (except where noted) has been  created by me using multiple images from royalty free photos to make each piece of cover art special, unique and one of a kind. Having the ability and technical expertise to adapt multiple images to create one fluid scene allows me to make an image that is very thoughtfully designed specifically for your book. I am a member of the Society of Illustrators, the Art Director's Club and the Graphic Design Guild. My nest is on the east coast with my husband, 2 children, Sadie the dog and Fred the guinea pig.

I use a montage of royalty-free photographs/illustrations often with my own photographs/illustrations or a combination of both to create one of a kind book cover art. Distinctly different from the originals and from other book covers.